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We offer our guests the knowledge of our territory, of its beauty, of its curiosities, of its artistic and natural patrimonies, professional people who have turned their passion into their everyday occupation by organizing cultural and sports activities. They look for people with whom to share their enthusiasm. We are working on how to offer our visitors the possibility to lengthen their stay by going sailing, or by visiting organic farms, where it is possible to directly take part in agricultural activities in order to discover, and appreciate the Land and its resources.

We organize yoga retreats ,with meditation on the beach in the National Park of Cilento ,in the bowels of the earth among the stalactites and stalagmites.

We propose organized excursions led by our professional operators ,so that you can visit and experience historical centres and suggestive areas with historical re-enactments. You can visit famous monuments and enjoy the sunset ; take night visits ,which through theatrical enactments, will narrate moments of Greek daily life and stories from the Ulysses and also from the ‘Circle of Hell’ taken from the Divine Comedy.

We propose experiences which will get your adrenaline working such as ; the Angel’s Flight; a flight over the sea; paragliding; a speleologist excursion ;a botanic excursion in order to discover wild medicinal herbs and the discovery of flowers which only grow in Cilento, such as the ‘primula palinuri ’, the ‘white beach lily’, and the further 254 types of orchids that grow here.

We also propose cookery courses linked to the Mediterranean Diet, which is now an intangible heritage of UNESCO, and also various opportunities to visit farms which produce high-quality products which will whet the visitor’s palate while tasting a sample, and are appreciated abroad too.

And yet our guest can choose for their stay, some of the activities and initiatives that are proposed in the next sections.

I discovered the Cilento .... Routes in titles

All the year

"Travel horizons"

Magna Grecia All year round

"Travel horizons"

Spectacular landscapes in the North of the Cilento park - From spring to autumn

"Travel Horizons"

Spectacular landscapes in the North-East of the Cilento Park - from spring to autumn



Ayurveda ... philosophy and nature

Holistic and bio-emotional body and face treatments

Activities for the body and mind


With the wind in the stern

In the blue of the sea

Underwater and snorkeling

Fishing tourism

Fished and eaten


... People, the mountains, nature

The Caves of Castelcivita and Pertosa-Auletta

Caving .... Discovering the bowels of the earth

Cilento Parasail

In flight on the sea of Cilento

La Frescura del Principe

Dimora di charme

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